Thursday, April 22, 2010



Giving the words BLING, BLING a new meaning!

It has always been said....Dog is man's best friend. Ladies once you take a look at this vivid 5 karat pink diamond, I am positive that you will allow the men to have the dogs as their best friend because you will definitely want this diamond as your bff. You will be singing Diamonds are a Girls best friend from the top of your lungs just like Marilyn Monroe. This amazing 5 karat cut diamond auctioned off at a whopping 11.7 million dollars at Christie's in New York City. This piece of jewelry proves that pink isn't just a color it is an attitude.

Somebody bring me back the money please!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Money Ain't a Thing!!!!!

From car coverings, to car ports, to manual lift garages, to automatic lift garages....We have come a long way with the protection, security, and shelters for our cars. Now in 2010 I bring you the Sky garages, The latest innovative garage ever. Well, sorry folks its not offered to everybody.... only the lucky residence of 200 Eleventh Street in NYC can enjoy this luxury. Behold...the Ensuite Sky Garage, the elevator will raise the car from the ground level of the apartment to the apartment garage, and out the tenet walks from the garage to their recession free home. Whoever is living in this building couldn't possibly feel the pains of the recession!!!! Well of courseLUXURY can cost you, but only a mere three million dollars, if your interested in living in this building, and thats just for a one bedroom!

"Somebody bring me back the money please"!!!

Holla at me in about 30years.....

Friday, February 19, 2010

New York Luxury Spa Reviews: Mandarin Oriental, Elizabeth Arden Red Door, and Oasis Day Spa

Wanting a relaxing retreat for a New York luxury spa break close to a luxury hotel? How about visiting Mandarin Oriental’s 35th floor spa and stay at the Mandarin Oriental.  You can also checkout Elizabeth Arden where you can even stay nearby at the Peninsula or Oasis Day Spa close by to Affinia Dumont.
Here is a wonderful review of these New York luxury spas.
The Spa at Mandarin Oriental: When it comes to luxury, the Mandarin Oriental’s 35th floor spa has it down to a science. The views alone are outstanding – the rooms provide spectacular bird’s eye views of Central Park and the Hudson River. Services include Ayurvedic skin and body treatments, various massages and acupressure. Guests are asked to book 90-minute services when making their appointment. This 14,500 square foot space comes with a price, however, so you might need an extra massage or two after realizing how much you dropped here. But hey it’s all worth it, right? 80 Columbus Circle. Complete the splurge with a stay at the Mandarin Oriental.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa: Most people are familiar with this spa now that it has branched out to more than 20 locations nationwide. But it all started here in New York City back in 1910 when a nurse named Elizabeth Arden opened one of the city’s first spas, using (guess what) a red door as its trademark symbol. My wife swears by Irene, who is an esthetician, so ask for her when you book your next facial or massage. Other treatments include eyebrow shaping, various waxing procedures and the spa even offers a hair and nail salon on site. Prices are moderate as far as NYC luxury spas go, so you can get rubbed sans guilt. 691 Fifth Avenue. Stay nearby at the Peninsula New York.

Oasis Day Spa: With three locations throughout New York (two in Midtown and one in Westchester, NY), Oasis has grown tremendously since it opened as a chair-massage family business a little over a decade ago. The largest and most popular location on Park Avenue is well known for its soothing on-target skin and body treatments that include over a dozen type of massages, various waxing procedures and body bronzing. Prices are more affordable than you would think for a spa located at such a ritzy address. 1 Park Avenue. Stay nearby at the Affinia Dumont (which also has an Oasis Day Spa on site).

Fashion New York 2010 Runways BIG Fur on One Arm

One thing we do know and that is for fall fur will be big. Designers included fur in their fall 2010 New York fashion week runway shows with different twists. The most popular fur attachments were the one arm walking the runways.
Who did it well?
Dennis Basso sent out a couple of evening gowns with one gorilla arm, Peter Som added a Johnny Weir–esque tuft of fur to the sleeve of a dress, and Thom Browne sent a couple of men down the runway with big fur muffs worn over only one forearm. Alexander Wang also sent many models out with one fuzzy sleeve.